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Nesas Hemp is Featured in Authority Magazine and Several Other Recent Publications

Nesas Hemp was founded on a holistic approach to both the product and the consumer. As the world’s first and only full-full spectrum hemp extract, this groundbreaking oil is making waves across the industry and has been featured in several recent publications. Authority Magazine’s Candice Georgiadis sat down with Nesas Hemp Founder and CEO, Inesa Ponomariovaite, earlier this month to discuss Inesa’s history, cannabis philosophy, and thoughts on the future of hemp production. 

About Authority Magazine on Medium

Authority Magazine is a broad-spectrum thought leadership publication that covers everything from business and tech to film and sports. Several of their series feature women in leadership roles in male-dominated industries. The interview with Inesa of Nesas Hemp was featured in their Women Leading the Cannabis Industry interview series. The following is some of what they discussed. 

Why hemp oil?

Inesa has always believed that her purpose is to help people, specifically by encouraging and enabling them to optimize their health and wellness. She was working as an alternative and holistic health consultant when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She immediately began exploring holistic solutions that might accelerate treatment or at least dampen the side effects. What she found was that most CBD oils weren’t as natural and organic as they claimed to be, an issue she’d faced before as a consultant. This time, she decided to do something about it. 

What’s different about Nesas Hemp?

Today, Inesa oversees production of the world’s first and only full-full spectrum, Beyond Organic hemp extract. It starts with the soil. The hemp plant is so efficient at sucking nutrients and other things from soil that it’s often used to clean contaminated soils and groundwater, but that creates a problem in extract production. Everything from the soil ends up in the plant and in the final product. Inesa started by exploring various hemp farms to test the soil, water, and microbes. In the end, Nesas Hemp procured a soil they dubbed Beyond Organic. It’s remained untouched by human pollution and contamination for thousands of years and is one of the purest soils on the planet. 

Next is the extraction process. Inesa discovered through her extensive research that the most potent and beneficial cannabinoid known to humankind is typically burned out during the extraction or consumption process. Any heat applied to the compound will convert it into CBD, which is a beneficial but much less powerful cannabinoid. The compound, of course, is CBDa, the precursor that has been proven 1,000 times more potent than CBD. In order to maintain CBDa levels throughout the production process and all the way to the hands of the consumer, Nesas Hemp is processed using an innovative “living hemp” technique through which the cannabinoids are extracted from living plants without any application of heat. The oil is then packaged in UV-resistant bottles to protect from the sun. 

The Ultimate Goal? Education.

Inesa believes the standard of product quality in the cannabis industry must be raised. She hopes to educate her own audience on the benefits of hemp, CBD, and CBDa, but also on the importance of purity. The unfortunate truth is that too many CBD oil manufacturers are focused on profit while they should be focused on developing products that are good for the environment and good for their customers. Inesa has made it her mission to work towards a “holistic revolution” that will usher in a new standard.

Visions for the Future

As a leader in the cannabis industry, Inesa is ahead of her time, but she’s excited about the opportunity to bring CBDa hemp oil to the mainstream. Her vision for Nesas Hemp is to help “bring about a society with less worry, less pain, and less depression.” In the interview with Authority Magazine, Inesa told Candice Georgiadis that what excites her most about cannabis is having the opportunity to:

  • Right the wrongs of the industry
  • Bring CBDa to the mainstream
  • Show people that a life free from anxiety and stress is possible

The primary concern at the moment is that cannabis doesn’t have the right support because the right people are not yet educated. “The wrong people are marketing cannabis as a pharmaceutical.” Inesa calls for more transparency in trials and studies and warns to avoid “one-time” science. As she continues to help shape the young industry, Inesa offers these five tips for others who share her vision:

  • Question everything. What works for you might not work for someone else. 
  • Have various sources of information. 
  • Have integrity. 
  • Recognize intentions. Most people’s motives are financial. 
  • Do what’s right, even when it’s not easy. 

Read the full interview to learn more about Inesa and what makes Nesas Hemp the best choice for hemp extract CBD oil.

Elsewhere In The Press

Nesas Hemp has popped up across the web recently in publications like The American Reporter, The Chicago Journal, US Reporter, Los Angeles Wire, and even Yahoo News. The articles detail Nesa’s Hemp’s unique soil, extraction process, and transparent, third-party testing of every batch (posted online for customers to review). 

The American Reporter

The American Reporter is an online publication that focuses on current events and news in business, education, health, science, and environmental industries. They pride themselves on delivering these stories without bias and are passionate about providing insights that can help make the world a better place. Jennifer Ross talked a bit about Nesas Hemp in December 2020. 

The Chicago Journal

Christian Strauss delivers a fact-filled article for The Chicago Journal, a global publication that caters to entrepreneurs, businesses, and professionals in various industries, focusing on success stories of industry leaders like Nesas Hemp Founder, Inesa Ponomariovaite. 

US Reporter

The US Reporter partners with businesses around the world to deliver press releases and informational content about authorities and advancements in industries like sports and technology. Writer Brittany Meyers delivered an insightful piece on Nesas Hemp in late December 2020. 

Los Angeles Wire

Los Angeles Wire focuses on industry leaders in business, entertainment, health, and lifestyle categories. To date, they’ve documented the innovation and success of thousands of individuals in the commercial sector. Writer Martin Cruz told readers about Nesas Hemp’s unique standard of quality, purity, and potency early this month.  

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