can cbd oil help with candida

Can CBD Oil Help With Candida?

Candidiasis, commonly referred to simply as “candida” is a fungal infection caused by a type of yeast known as candida. Though considered harmless, candida can cause discomfort and itchiness to the body. Candida affects both men and women and typically exists on the skin, inside the mouth, genitalia, and the gut in small amounts. Other types of fungi found on the body are athlete’s foot, ringworm, diaper rash, dandruff, and in some cases, sinusitis. (1) 

Invasive candidiasis is an acute infection that can affect the blood, heart, brain, eyes, and bones. 

Candidemia is an infection of candida in the bloodstream and is a common infection in hospitalized patients. (2)  

In the United States, the CDC estimates that approximately 25,000 cases of candidemia occur nationwide each year, with a mortality rate of almost twenty-five percent. (3)  

What Causes Candida?

Candidiasis happens when there’s a build-up of yeast in the body. Under normal circumstances, candida is harmless and bacteria on and in the body, combined with the immune system, keeps it under control. If the immune system is compromised or bacteria suppressed, candidiasis may develop, and infection can follow. (4)  

Some of the causes of candidiasis include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Antibiotics
  • Chemotherapy
  • HIV
  • Diabetes

Other possible causes of candidiasis may include the following:

  • Obesity
  • Dry mouth
  • Stress
  • Steroids
  • Birth control pills
  • Warm, humid weather
  • Tight-fitting clothing
  • Dentures
  • Smoking
  • High sugar content diet
  • Excess alcohol consumption

Symptoms Of Candidiasis 

When candida spirals out of control and infection causes candidiasis, the following symptoms occur but may vary depending on the location of the outbreak. Symptoms can be mild to severe based on factors such as infection levels or early treatment.

Here are just a few of the symptoms or indications to look for: (5)  

  • Candidiasis of the mouth or throat: Also called oral thrush or oropharyngeal candidiasis, symptoms can include white blotches on the tongue, gums, inside the mouth, and palate. Sufferers may have redness or inflammation, bleeding, loss of taste, or pain in the mouth when swallowing.
  • Skin infections:  An outbreak of cutaneous candidiasis can occur in warm, humid conditions. Inflamed, itchy skin, or hair loss are common symptoms of candida infections on the skin. 
  • Nails: Warning signs can be swelling, discomfort, or redness around the nail. Nails may also turn yellow or white and may become cracked. In some cases, the nail may separate from the nail bed or fall out.
  • Vaginal yeast infection: A candida infection on or inside the vagina is a common occurrence among women. Symptoms are often uncomfortable and can be any or all of the following – white, clotted vaginal discharge, itching, or soreness. Pain during sexual intercourse, or pain or soreness when urinating are also common.
  • Penile Candidiasis: Not as common as a vaginal yeast infection, possible symptoms include – irritation and burning around the head of the penis. A thick, white substance, forming around the foreskin. White or red patches on the penis and a disagreeable odor.
  • Candida infection of the bloodstream may cause chills or fever. More seriously, the condition may lead to septic shock, resulting in low blood pressure, increased heart rate, and quicker breathing.

Treatments And Preventative Measures

There are many preventative measures and treatments for Candida, from home remedies to pharmaceuticals. 

Antifungal creams can be purchased from most pharmacies, while changes to lifestyle such as a healthier diet and reduced alcohol intake can also help. Home remedies such as tea tree oil, garlic, coconut oil, natural yogurt, or oil of oregano consumed or used topically (or internally) have been successful for many patients. 

Prevention can also be better than a cure. Wearing loose-fitting garments or avoiding irritants such as vaginal sprays, perfumes and lotions can also help. (6) “The Candida Diet” may be worth looking into, as it has also been promoted as a preventative measure. Boosting the immune system with a high nutrient diet low on sugar, yeast, and alcohol may help thwart the onset of infection. (7) 

Added to the list of preventative measures and course of treatment is the newest kid on the block: CBD.

CBD Can Help With Candida

Recent studies have examined the therapeutic benefits of CBD and found that it has antifungal properties. CBD might be the new kid on the block in treating Candida overload, with herbalists and industry experts believing CBD to be effective against yeast infections. Recent research has proven this may be true. Studies carried out in 2011 showed that certain types of cannabinoids such as CBD are productive in the fight against candidiasis. 

While the study mainly concentrated on THC, researchers found three cannabinoids, CBD, CBG, CBC, may boost caryophyllene oxide, a potent antifungal.

Caryophyllene oxide is also one of the principal terpenes found in cannabis. Terpenes give cannabis plants their distinctive aroma and flavor and have antifungal properties. (8) 

Other studies have found CBD to have effective inflammatory reducing properties that may help treat candidiasis. (9) 

How It Works

CBD binds to CB2 receptors that play a role in regulating immune and inflammatory responses throughout the body. Inflammatory reducing properties in CBD help to keep inflammation under control. They also bolster the immune system, vital in the fight against candidiasis. CBD may also contain antipruritic properties that may help with itchiness caused by a candida infection. (10)  

How To Use CBD For Candida

There are many CBD products on the market. For candida, some products may be used topically, such as creams, gels, or lotions.

If candida is recurring, the best option is CBD oil or extract taken sublingually (under the tongue). It can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through tiny blood vessels or capillaries. It can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through tiny blood vessels or capillaries. Using this method increases the bioavailability and potency of CBD and is possibly the best option for reducing inflammation.

Choosing The Right CBD Product

Full-spectrum hemp extract from Nesas is one of the most potent and purest forms of CBD on the market. Cold-pressed to retain all the nutrients from the plant, Nesas hemp extract works with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to boost the immune system and return the body to a state of equilibrium.  

By using Nesas Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, However, you can be sure that you are selecting the very best product to help with inflammation, fungal infection, and itchiness caused by candida build-up.


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