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CBD Hemp Oil for Winter

CBD Hemp Oil for Winter

Supporting Your Body and Joints When the Weather Gets Colder
No matter your age or health, you’ve probably experienced winter aches and pains at one point or another. Those with inflammatory conditions have probably experienced a lot of them, and it gets worse with age whether you have a condition or not.

The science community is still undecided as to what causes increased pain in winter, but organic CBD oil might help. By helping the body regulate its immune response in combination with the other beneficial properties CBD hemp oil has, it can help reduce the effects of cold weather on your joints and muscles. And that’s not the only winter health concern CBD hemp can help with.

What causes joint pain and muscle aches?

The most common culprit when it comes to joint and muscle aches is inflammation. Even those with chronic conditions like different types of arthritis have inflammation to blame for their pain. It’s not understood why cold weather makes joint and muscle pain worse. Some speculate that it’s the drop in barometric pressure or only the fact that we tend to slow down and become less active. What we know is that inflammation increases in winter, and so does pain. A 2015 study indicated that the genes that promote inflammation increase in winter while the genes that suppress inflammation decrease. When you’re looking for relief from your cold-weather aches and pain, inflammation might be a good target to start with.

How can CBD hemp oil help?

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CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system, binding with specific receptors to provide an analgesic or pain-relieving effect. In studies, CBD hemp has shown immunosuppressive properties that can help with inflammation and related pain. This effect can be beneficial in winter when inflammation tends to increase for people with and without inflammatory pain conditions.

Other Beneficial Side Effects

Studies are showing promising results for CBD hemp oil in an increasing number of physiological applications that tend to be more of an issue in winter. Positive results for mood and stress management are becoming more and more common, and new studies are indicating that CBD can reduce the risk and effects of diabetes and improve heart health in several ways: lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and reducing inflammation and cell death caused by heart disease.

What else can you do?

Stay Active

In addition to taking a high-quality, organic CBD oil, there are some other steps you can take to prevent joint and muscle aches this year. Make sure you stay active, even when it’s cold out. Keeping your body moving is vital to the health of all of your parts. If it’s too cold for outdoor exercise, do a workout at home or consider a gym membership to keep you fit throughout the winter months. There are a ton of workout videos available for free online to help you stay active in the comfort of your living room.

Stay Warm

Keep yourself warm by either staying indoors when the temperature drops or by dressing in layers when you have to venture outside. Your body might want to tense up and shiver when you find yourself out in the cold, but keep yourself moving to keep your joints and muscles flexible and pain-free. If you suffer from inflammatory arthritis or chronic cold-weather pain, ask your healthcare provider about compression gear like gloves and socks that can help prevent certain targeted aches.

Stay Sunny

Vitamin D deficiencies increase in winter because we all stay indoors and cover ourselves up when we go out. The sun typically delivers our vitamin D right through our skin, so some people rely on vitamin D supplements to prevent deficiency in winter. Joint and muscle pain can be symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, so talk to your doctor about supplements if you experience chronic winter pain.

CBD Hemp Oil for Cold and Flu

A lot of aches & pains in winter come from common illnesses like cold and flu. When speaking about the efficacy of treating cold and flu symptoms with CBD and/or THC oils, Dr. Shawn Meirovici, an N.D. out of Ontario, Canada, says that these cannabinoids compounds may help to reduce aches and improve breathing by reducing inflammation of the airway and throughout the body. They can also induce relaxation to help you fall asleep, which is often difficult when you’re sick with a respiratory illness or flu-like virus. He also mentioned the antipyretic (fever-reducing) properties of cannabis, which comes from “its ability to suppress the immune system.” As for prevention, he says that some research has shown anti-viral properties. However, because CBD has shown immunosuppressant properties, it’s possible that it would increase your overall recovery time, even if it makes you feel better temporarily. While it may be tempting to treat your symptoms with CBD or THC, the best advice is to take it before you get sick, stay away from sick people, wash your hands, and stop touching your face.

Nesa’s Hemp

Nesa’s Hemp organic hemp oil starts out in soil that’s never been polluted or affected by humans at all. It’s grown without pesticides or chemicals until it’s the perfect age for extracting the most powerful and effective compounds.

The extraction process is free of chemicals and heat, allowing the natural, unaltered spectrum of cannabinoids to make it all the way to you, the user, including the elusive CBDa compound, which is 1,000 times more powerful than CBD. And you don’t have to take our word for it. Each batch comes with its very own third-party lab report, detailing exactly what’s in your bottle and what’s not.
Winter joint and muscle pain don’t have to ruin your holiday season. Enjoy more painless winter days by ordering your organic hemp oil asap. The sooner you start to use it, the sooner the cumulative effect will begin to support your body’s natural regulation of the immune response before winter joint pain and muscle aches even start.

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