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CBD Oil, Hemp Oil Extract & Hemp Seed Oil

CBD Oil, Hemp Oil Extract & Hemp Seed Oil

Know the Difference

As the CBD and Hemp industries are ever-changing and fast-growing, many people become confused when researching the benefits and differences between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Hemp Extract (Hemp Oil Extract). The 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp in the United States, which opened the doors to legalizing the CBD compound for public use. While CBD and Hemp Oil Extract are pretty new to the market, Hemp Seed Oil has been around for decades.  

Many people are already aware of the numerous benefits of the CBD compound in our body, and they are aware of the benefits of Hemp Oil Extract (which includes more cannabinoids than just CBD compound); however, there is still a misunderstanding in general about the differences between Hemp Oil Extract and Hemp Seed Oil.

CBD and Hemp Oil Extract

First of all, CBD is non-intoxicating cannabidiol extracted from Cannabis Sativa Plant. The Cannabis Sativa plant can produce over a hundred cannabinoids – and CBD is one of them.

There are two types of Cannabis sativa plants: Marijuana and Hemp. These two plants have the same compounds and cannabinoids, but there are some huge differences. The Hemp plant is a type of Cannabis that contains 0.3% or less of THC. Hemp has been described as non-intoxicating cannabis that is harvested for industrial use. The Marijuana plant is a type of Cannabis that contains more than 0.3% THC and has psychoactive effects (produces a “high” sensation) on the consumer.

CBD (cannabidiol) has gained popularity for various medical uses, and some people have even used it for managing discomfort, and addiction treatment. Isolate CBD oil usually contains only one compound – CBD. However, the actual hemp plant contains more than 100 different compounds. So, Hemp Oil Extract contains more than just one CBD compound. In addition to CBD, Hemp Oil Extract also contains CBG (Cannabigerol), CBC (Cannabichromene), CBN (Cannabinol), low amounts (less than the legal limit of 0.3%) of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), and many other beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant.

Each cannabinoid has a different effect on the body. While some of them promote relaxation, others promote wakefulness. Full-spectrum Hemp Oil Extract contains a mix of all compounds naturally occurring in the hemp plant. Even though the THC naturally occurring in hemp oil can produce psychoactive effects, it is such a very small amount that it won’t give you also the slightest sensation of making you high.

Thanks to all the compounds occurring in Hemp Oil Extract rather than just CBD, our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract is much more effective in dealing with the overall wellness of your body, mind, and soul. Each compound from the Hemp Oil Extract has unique effects and benefits that affect our body differently. The Entourage Effect states that all compounds in cannabis perform better together – when taken together, they produce much better results and effect on the body than when taken alone.

Benefits of Hemp Oil Extract

benefits of hemp oil extract, CBD Oil, Hemp Oil Extract & Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Oil has been known for its many health benefitsHemp Oil Extract has been known to have health and wellness supporting properties like promoting stress relief, relaxation, promoting muscle discomfort relief, helping with healthy joint and cartilage function, assisting with balancing weight, promoting healthy immunity, promoting positive mood, enhancing sleep quality, and improving focus.

Athletes love Hemp Oil Extract because it helps soothe muscle discomfort and even joint discomfort that can become aggravated by strenuous activity. It even helps with regenerating the skin. Some research shows how cannabinoids can help suppress discomfort.  

Cannabinoids have different purposes. For example, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound in a cannabis plant thought to have analgesic, antiproliferative, antineoplastic, proapoptotic, and chemopreventive properties. THC is responsible for the psychotropic aspects of the plant. CBN is thought to be known for its sedative properties. CBG is thought to be responsible for hemp’s antibacterial and antiproliferative properties, as well as reducing discomfort.

Hemp Seed Oil

These three words say it all. Hemp Seed Oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, not the hemp flower, which is used in Hemp Oil Extract (or Hemp Oil). This oil doesn’t contain as many phytochemicals as the plant itself and doesn’t contain any CBD or THC. Hemp Seed Oil is cold-pressed and contains fatty acids, nutrients, and various bioactive vitamins and minerals.

Like Hemp Oil Extract, Hemp Seed Oil also has many health benefits. Hemp Seed Oil is known for promoting heart health, enhancing digestion, improving brain function, helping with cellular health, and balancing weight. Hemp Seed Oil is highly nutritious and a great daily supplement to foods.

If you’ve thought about trying the amazing health and wellness benefits of Hemp Oil Extract, consider Nesa’s Hemp. 

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Nesa’s Hemp is grown organically and holistically with the highest degree of care and without chemicals, additives, or pesticides. It is uniquely cold-pressed without damaging the plant and thereby providing “living hemp” in a bottle, so you can receive the full benefits and nutrition of the Hemp plant. We promise the best quality and amazing results! For more information, contact us today.

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