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Could Organic Hemp Extract Help People with Cancer?

Could Organic Hemp Extract Help People with Cancer?

Cancer is a devastating condition that takes the lives of millions of people every year. Because it’s also a very complex group of diseases that can develop almost anywhere in the body, scientists continue working to understand its many nuances. Could Organic Hemp Extract Help People with Cancer?

The search for new cancer treatments is ongoing. As the world becomes more accepting of alternative therapies, compounds in organic hemp extract, like cannabidiolic acid (CBDa), are receiving more attention.

CBDa is the acidic precursor or parent to CBD that exists in high concentrations in living hemp plants. Some preliminary research suggests that CBDa may offer therapeutic benefits for people affected by cancer.

Continue reading as we explore the potential role of CBDa and organic hemp extract in cancer treatment.

What is cancer?

Cells in nearly any part of the body can become cancerous, meaning they grow and multiply out of control. The abnormal cells begin to crowd out healthy cells, leading to the failure of vital organs. In addition, cancer cells can form new tumors in other areas when they metastasize or spread.

It’s a disease that doesn’t discriminate — cancer can affect people of all ages and backgrounds, and it varies considerably in how it presents and progresses. Some types, such as certain leukemias and brain tumors, are extremely aggressive and difficult to treat. Others may be more slow-growing and respond well to therapy.

In many cases, there’s no definitive cure. Even with the best treatments available, cancer can be challenging to manage. That’s why the world must invest in research to find new and better ways to treat cancer and reduce its impact.

The search for effective cancer treatments is ongoing, with scientists around the globe working tirelessly to find new therapies. In recent years, attention has been given to the potential role of cannabinoids in cancer treatment.

How could organic hemp extract help those with cancer?

CBDa is the raw, botanical counterpart of cannabidiol, or CBD, a well-known hemp compound. CBDa is abundant in living, vital hemp and organic hemp extract, while CBD only comes into being when hemp is heated and dried.

Compared to its more famous relative, CBDa has received relatively little attention outside the inner sanctum of cannabinoid science. But that looks set to change, as research indicates that CBDa could have therapeutic benefits for cancer patients.

Early research conducted in 2012 demonstrated that CBDa could also help to reduce the spread of a highly aggressive form of breast cancer cell called MDA-MB-231.

Then, building on those findings, a study published in The Journal of Toxicological Sciences in 2014 found that CBDa could help prevent the spread of invasive breast cancer by affecting COX-2 enzymes.

There are two types of cyclooxygenase or COX enzymes — COX-1 exists in most tissues and helps to protect the stomach from ulcers, while COX-2 is mostly associated with inflammation.

In some breast cancer patients, high levels of COX-2 have been linked to tumor growth and metastasis. But, CBDa appears to downregulate the enzyme in isolated breast cancer cells in a laboratory. Therefore, by reducing levels of COX-2, CBDa could help to slow the progression of some types of cancer.

Besides these effects on cancer cells, CBDa has also been shown to reduce nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients, as well as helping with pain relief.

Nausea is a common problem for cancer patients and one that can be difficult to manage. People with advanced cancer often feel sick and vomit, but cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy also trigger these symptoms. As a result, their quality of life suffers, and they may be unable to tolerate treatments.

But organic hemp extract could help. CBDa is an effective antiemetic or nausea-reducing agent. Interestingly, it’s 1000 times more potent than CBD in reducing acute nausea.

The future of organic hemp extract for cancer

The early laboratory findings on CBDa are extremely encouraging, but sadly, it’s still an understudied compound. There is an urgent need for more rigorous clinical trials on humans to further explore the potential role of CBDa in those with cancer.

We need further studies to deepen our knowledge of organic hemp extract’s power and clarify its possible uses and efficacy.

But we know that CBDa is a safe, natural, and non-toxic compound, meaning that organic hemp extract could offer much-needed support to those living with cancer.

Organic hemp extract and CBDa could offer support to people with cancer. Read the latest Nesas Hemp blog post to learn more about the role of cannabinoids in cancer.

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