How To Change Your Mood Now

As much as we wish the world were always happy, the reality is that sometimes, we just have bad days. Or even on good days, there are rough situations and things that happen to us that put a damper on our moods and outlooks on life. 

And while it’s just a normal part of life for everyone, it’s still essential to have strategies that work for you that enable you to lift yourself out of a bad mood. Not only for your sake but for everyone else’s, too! 

That’s why over the years, people have developed a large number of things that they can do to help rebalance their moods and get back to a happier place with their moods and emotions. It isn’t very hard to do because people’s brains are wired in specific ways that will help them get to a better place emotionally very quickly. 

If you ever find yourself in a situation or day where you just aren’t feeling yourself for one reason or another, here are a few different ways to quickly help yourself feel much better in a short period of time. 

Going through these different strategies can help you reclaim your day, get to a better spot emotionally, and get back to living your life to the fullest. 


While it may seem like it’s the other way around, the human brain is actually trained to release hormones and chemicals that can serve as mood lifters when you smile. 

When you smile, your body releases endorphins, which serve as all-natural endorphins. These can help fight against negative emotions that may crop up due to a bad situation or day. Your body also releases serotonin, an all-natural antidepressant that your body naturally produces when it feels happier. 

On top of all of that, smiling produces dopamine, which is a chemical in your body that just naturally makes you happier. It’s crazy how many different things simply smiling can do in the human body, but these effects are things that can change a huge amount of how you feel in a given situation. 

It can often be hard to smile in a situation that just feels awful. But when you smile, it essentially tricks your brain into thinking that things are okay, which can be beneficial. It may seem like a coincidence that the happiest people you know are always smiling. 

Move Around And Get Active

Another way to get the right chemicals flowing through your brain and body is to get up and start moving around. When you get more active, your body responds in ways that reward it and can help to lift you out of a lower mood. Many similar chemicals, such as serotonin and endorphins, start activating in your body when you get exercise, even if it’s as simple as just taking a walk. 

Another way to compound these effects is to go outside and soak in some nature. Green and living plants can help lift your mood and get you into a more emotionally stable place, which is very helpful and essential when you’re feeling worse. 

When you combine physical activity with being outdoors, it can positively affect your emotions and mood and make everything feel just a little bit better. 

It doesn’t take much to start to trigger these responses in your body. Just find a way to get up and stretch your legs and muscles, and activate your mind and body in a new way. This stimulation is easy to achieve, and even something like a short ten to fifteen-minute walk can have a massive effect on your mood in a rougher day or situation. 

Tidy Up Your Spaces Or Rearrange Your Room

Often, a big contributor to lower moods is the environment around people. When a place is more disorganized and messy, it can often lead to negative feelings and emotions. 

Even if you aren’t someone who generally has a hard time with cluttered rooms and desks, untidy spaces tend to have a fairly negative effect on virtually everyone and can bring down their moods subtly but powerfully. 

To combat this, try cleaning up or rearranging your living spaces. Something as simple as making your bed or organizing a desk can hugely affect your mood. Rearranging your rooms can also help to freshen up your environment and make things feel a little more exciting and dynamic. 

If you ever get bored of your office or home spaces and need a little pick me up, try rearranging your room and making it feel a little more efficient and organized. It’s a gift to yourself that will keep on giving as time goes on and can help you feel much better about yourself as a whole. 

Set A Goal For Yourself, And Achieve It

A great way to very quickly help yourself to feel better is to set a small goal for yourself and then achieve it. It doesn’t have to be anything huge and can even be as simple as checking a small thing off your to-do list. 

But when you accomplish something that you’ve meant to do, your brain will automatically reward you with better feelings and emotions. That’s why so many people love checking things off lists so much; it’s naturally rewarding and can very quickly help you feel much better and more confident about yourself. 

Think of a few small things that you’ve been putting off. They could be things like talking to someone, making a grocery list, responding to an email, or even just making yourself food. When you take the small steps required, your body will very quickly respond to that in a positive way and will often reward you for doing those things. 

As people, we often have a long list of those kinds of things that we’ve procrastinated on. So just take one or two of those small things, and get them done! Your brain will reward you, and it may even release some pent-up stress that has been subtly affecting you for a long time. 

You must take small steps to feel better about yourself and start being yourself again. It’s all the small things adding up that can help you get back on track to a happier and healthier mood. 

Take A Short Break And Distract Yourself

Sometimes, the thing weighing on your mood so much is getting in the way of the things you need and want to do. So feel free to just take a step back and find methods to distract yourself in a healthy way. It doesn’t have to be anything major. You just need to find a good way to reorient your focus on something new. 

If you like listening to music, really intentionally listen to something that you love to hear. If you love reading, pick up a good book and just get lost in it for a little while. If you are a fan of TV shows, maybe watch a short episode of something. It doesn’t have to be a long distraction, just something that can get your mind off of whatever is bringing you down and onto more positive things. 

Enjoying your favorite things is something that can very quickly lift your mood and set a better precedent for the rest of your day! 

Try CBDa Oil

CBDa is one of the most powerful yet most natural ways to rebalance your emotions and get to a better and healthier state in your mind. If you are consistently struggling with emotional balance or just need a little pick me up, CBDa oil is a fast-acting, high-quality way to bring balance back to your mood. It can work in as little as five to ten minutes and help reset your body and mind. Not to mention, bring balance and freedom back to how you feel and live. 

At Nesas Hemp, we strive to provide high-quality CBDa oil. Our products have been proven to provide incredible results for all kinds of people in all kinds of life situations and can very easily help bring people back to their true selves. 

If you’re looking for a way to find balance and stability in your life again, look no further than Nesas Hemp


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