certified hemp extract

Nesas Hemp—the first to receive the Exclusive Tested Safe Seal.

Nesas Hemp Founder, Inesa Ponomariovaite

Nesas not only met every one of the standards, we exceeded all of them!

Nesas hemp extract was recently invited to become the first in the United States to be awarded the Tested Safe Seal. This is an exclusive award, given only by medical grade independent laboratories. These are highly respected labs, registered with the FDA and the DEA, and ISO-certified.

To earn the Safety Seal, products must pass tests for potency at the highest level. There must not be even the smallest trace of harmful bacteria, molds and mildew, pesticides, insecticides, or heavy metals. Nesas not only met every one of these standards. It exceeded all of them.

This seal is extra proof that you don’t ever have to doubt the safety or purity of Nesas Hemp.



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