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Unraveling 5 Reasons Behind the High Cost of CBDa for Sale

At the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern science, a potent gem glows brightly — CBDa. With its unique characteristics and profound potential, CBDa has become the wellness industry’s shining star.

If you’ve explored the realm of natural wellness, you’ve likely come across CBD and CBDa for sale. But why does CBDa have a higher price tag? What drives this cost? To truly appreciate this marvel of nature and understand its worth, it helps to understand its journey from the fertile soil to the store shelves. 

Here, we will unveil the 5 critical factors contributing to the price of CBDa for sale, allowing you to comprehend its true worth.

Cost of CBDa for Sale

5 Reasons Behind the High Cost of CBDa for Sale

1. Rare — CBDa is a precious compound 

The hemp plant is rich with diverse and beneficial compounds, including the cannabinoids CBD and CBDa. However, CBDa, or cannabidiolic acid, is a unique and rare gem in this botanical treasure chest.

CBDa is the acidic precursor to CBD, meaning it naturally occurs in the raw, vital hemp plant before it’s exposed to heat or age.

When the hemp plant undergoes a process known as decarboxylation — either naturally over time or when intentionally exposed to heat — the CBDa transforms into CBD. 

Unfortunately, most traditional farming and extraction processes for CBD result in a substantial loss of the precious CBDa as it degrades into CBD. But at Nesas Hemp, we’ve created the world’s first living hemp extract rich in prized CBDa.

2. Organic — farming practices matter

At Nesas Hemp, we understand that organic farming practices are indispensable to producing high-quality CBDa for sale.

Hemp cultivation must begin with organic, nutrient-rich soil as the essence of the plant, and in turn, the CBDa is shaped by the very land it stems from. 

Adhering to organic farming practices means avoiding synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and GMOs. It’s about respecting the cycles of nature, enhancing soil fertility, and protecting the ecosystem’s biodiversity. 

It’s a labor-intensive process requiring precise knowledge, care, and patience — a stark contrast to the mass, industrialized farming practices prioritizing yield over quality.

The hemp plants draw nutrients from the soil, so it must be free of toxins and rich in organic matter. The healthier the earth, the healthier the plant, and consequently, the higher the quality of CBDa extracted.

Also, organic farming is more expensive. The costs for organic certification, higher-quality seeds, labor, and natural pest control methods, among others, are significantly higher than conventional farming practices. These costs directly influence the price of organic CBDa for sale.

3. Labor intensive — harvesting CBDa is time-consuming

The journey of CBDa from the soil to the store shelves is a labor of love. This voyage, woven with countless hours of meticulous care, is a testament to Nesas Hemp’s dedication to bringing you the most potent and pure CBDa for sale.

Cultivating and harvesting hemp for CBDa extraction demand extraordinary human effort and vigilance. As a result, Hemp farms seeking to produce high-quality CBDa often choose hand-harvesting over mechanized methods to preserve the plant’s delicate trichomes — tiny, hair-like outgrowths on the hemp plant where cannabinoids, including CBDa, reside.

Moreover, the timing of the harvest is crucial for CBDa yield. The plant must be harvested at the precise moment in its life cycle when CBDa concentration peaks. Missing this window could significantly reduce the potential CBDa content. Therefore, constant monitoring and deep knowledge of the plant’s growth phases are crucial.

Post-harvest, the plant material must be handled carefully and quickly moved to the extraction facility to prevent CBDa degradation. 

4. Delicate — extraction of CBDa for sale must be delicate

Since CBDa is only present in substantial amounts in the raw, unprocessed hemp plant, retaining this compound during extraction requires careful and innovative techniques. 

Unlike other compounds, CBDa is highly sensitive to heat and light and can easily convert to CBD if not handled with the utmost care during extraction

The art of CBDa extraction requires advanced technology, skilled technicians, and a detailed understanding of the hemp plant’s biochemistry. 

At Nesas Hemp, we use a proprietary cold extraction method to preserve the plant’s natural molecular structure. It uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and low temperature to isolate and maintain the purity of CBDa.

The equipment required for supercritical CO2 extraction is costly, and the process itself is energy-intensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, we only produce small batches of organic hemp extract — but with far greater precision.

However, the investment in this method is worth it. By preserving sensitive CBDa, we ensure that the full spectrum of hemp oil benefits is available to you, the consumer. Therefore, the delicate extraction process justifies the higher price tag of CBDa for sale, reflecting its true quality and potency.

5. Testing — assurance of quality CBDa for sale

The final element that drives the cost of CBDa for sale is the process of third-party laboratory testing. While adding to the overall expense, this practice is a non-negotiable aspect of producing high-quality CBDa.

In a rapidly growing industry, regulations can sometimes struggle to keep pace. So third-party testing has emerged as an essential step to ensure the safety, purity, and potency of CBDa for sale.

It protects you from products that might contain harmful substances like pesticides, heavy metals, or microbiological contaminants and confirms that the stated CBDa content matches that of the product.

Conducting these comprehensive tests is a significant investment. Experienced scientists use advanced chromatography and spectrometry tools to perform the testing in highly sophisticated laboratories. In addition, these labs adhere to stringent quality standards, raising the financial and time investment. 

Yet, this rigorous testing is a commitment responsible CBDa producers like Nesas Hemp happily uphold. It assures product quality and transparency, allowing you to make informed decisions about CBDa for sale.

Choose the best CBDa for sale

The price of CBDa for sale isn’t simply a number — it reflects the journey this compound takes, from the organic fields where it grows, through labor-intensive harvesting, delicate extraction, and comprehensive testing. Learn our unique process for CBDa.

It’s an investment in your wellness, supported by the dedication and passion of Nesas Hemp, who bring this exceptional compound to your doorstep.

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