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What are the Differences Between Organic Hemp Oil and Non-Organic Products?

What are the Differences Between Organic Hemp Oil and Non-Organic Products?

Organic hemp oil is produced using practices that promote and enhance ecological harmony. The principles of organic agriculture are based on respecting and working with nature rather than using techniques that work against it. This means avoiding synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers and instead relying on more natural methods to support plant growth.

In order to state that a product is organic, a company must comply with strict rules set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Non-organic hemp oil isn’t subject to the same regulations and guidelines as organic hemp oil. It may be produced using harmful chemicals and other artificial inputs like GMOs. These practices can damage the environment by contaminating air, soil, and water and have been linked to a disturbing number of health problems in both humans and animals.

Hemp is a miraculous plant with an impressive range of potential health benefits. But when it comes to hemp oil, there is a significant difference between organic oil and inferior non-organic products. Here’s what you need to know before making a purchase.

What is organic hemp oil?

Organic hemp oil is made from hemp plants grown using organic farming techniques rather than conventional methods relying on toxic chemicals.

Instead, organic farmers support the growth of their hemp crops by harnessing Mother Nature. This may involve using compost to improve soil health, cover crops to suppress weeds, beneficial insects to control pests, and crop rotation to break pest cycles and help prevent disease. These gentle practices help build healthy soil ecosystems teeming with beneficial microbes.

Organic farming also protects biodiversity as chemical herbicides and pesticides don’t differentiate between desirable and undesirable insects. They simply kill them all. But, for there to be life on our incredible planet, we must maintain biodiversity. Organic farming practices help protect the Earth for future generations.

What is organic certification?

If a company wants to sell its product as organic, it must adhere to strict standards set by the USDA and seek organic certification.

The standards cover everything, including:

  • Seeds — that mustn’t be modified in any way.
  • Soil — that must be naturally fertilized.
  • Plants — that mustn’t be stimulated by growth enhancers, steroids, stimulators, or hormones.
  • Diseases — that must only be treated with biocontrol agents.

Additionally, no amount of radiation is permitted in hemp plants that are certified organic. Radiation can come from nearby manufacturing facilities contaminating soil and water supplies with dangerous byproducts.

What are the other advantages of organic hemp oil?

By choosing organic hemp oil, you’re protecting your health and the planet that provides us with life. But, besides being free of toxins and synthetic chemicals, organic oil contains more beneficial compounds because it comes from nutrient-rich soil.

The soil is a perfect ecosystem of organisms, including earthworms, fungi, bacteria, and other essential microbes. This beautifully balanced system helps make nutrients more bioavailable to plants. But non-organic farming practices damage and deplete the soil, draining it of valuable vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

Unsurprisingly, studies show that organic produce, food products, and supplements have greater health benefits than their non-organic counterparts. So when you choose organic oil, you benefit from a more potent, nutrient-dense product with a broader spectrum of cannabinoids.

What is Beyond Organic?

You should always buy organic hemp oil from a reputable company with organic certification. But although organic certification is some assurance of quality, at Nesas Hemp, we believe in going above and beyond.

Because of our love of the Earth and commitment to excellence, we’ve developed our own unique standard for organic oil — Beyond Organic.

Our Beyond Organic standards exceed traditional organic standards in dozens of ways, from soil to seed to shelf. We follow ethical agriculture practices that nurture our hemp plants, the planet, and your health, and we take extraordinary measures to ensure the quality of our products.

We also value transparency, so you can see for yourself how pure and potent our organic oil is by consulting our Certificates of Analysis (COAs).

We use multiple third-party certified laboratories to test our organic oils. This information shows you the levels of cannabinoids and any harmful solvents, toxins, molds, or heavy metals present. And because of the industry-disrupting approach to creating our organic oils, we surpass typical standards even when testing at the parts per billion level of accuracy and score ‘none detected’ on every impurity test.

Choosing Nesas Hemp means you’re getting more than organic hemp oil — you’re getting Beyond Organic oil. And that’s a win for your health and the planet’s future.

Organic hemp oil is better for your health and the planet. But choosing Nesas Hemp Beyond Organic hemp oil means even higher standards and more benefits. Choose the best products!

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