What is CBDa? What To Know Now

One of the most important and exciting new players in the field of modern natural remedies is CBD. 

Even though it’s technically been in use for thousands of years, it’s re-entering into the minds of countless people who are looking for ways to feel better in their minds, bodies, and lives in general. It’s one of the most effective ways to get to a better spot solely by using methods and remedies that are almost entirely natural. 

CBD is something that is starting to show up almost everywhere; from stores to the internet, CBD is one of the most popular and appreciated ways to restore internal mental and physical balance. 

However, the reality is that there is a wide range of quality amongst all of these new CBD products. Some are higher quality and more able to have more potent effects, while others are on the borderline of being dangerous. It can often be hard to determine which CBD products are almost always healthy and beneficial and which ones have a higher tendency for having negative side effects. 

Out of all of these different strains and types of CBD on the market, one new type that is becoming more popular is called CBDa. It’s technically been around just as long as CBD has been, but it’s slowly becoming more and more popular due to how it is revolutionizing the CBD market as a whole. 

Here is what CBDa is, what you need to know, and why it matters to you! 

What is Regular CBD?

CBD is one of the many chemical compounds that is produced from Cannabis plants. It stands for Cannabidiol, and along with THC, it is one of the most popular cannabinoid products on the market today. 

The FDA and United States federal government legalized CBD production due to its incredible properties and benefits. Most of the time, legal confusion comes from the existence of THC, which is another chemical that comes from the Cannabis plant.

CBD, however, is very different from THC. Despite coming from the same plant, it tends to be much subtle and subdued in how it affects the human mind. That is because it lacks THC. 

In fact, CBD is only legally able to be produced from plants that have a 0.3% or lower amount of THC inside of it. That means that CBD is free of all psychoactive effects and helps with treating excess stress and tension.

Since CBD has become such a popular remedy for people over the past few decades, there are countless different kinds of products on the market. There are pills, oils, gummies, snacks, even cloth products that are infused with CBD. Tons of different people are looking to CBD to provide a new way to bring a sense of relaxation, stability, and balance into their lives. 

What is CBDa, And How is it Different?

When creating CBD, one of the steps to making an end product is the creation of CBDa. 

For a long time, people only thought that CBDa was simply just a step in the process of creating CBD. But as it turns out, CBDa is an incredible product and tool in its own right and can even be better than regular CBD in many cases. 

CBDa has been proven to be over 1000 times more effective than regular CBD at reducing nausea and vomiting, regulating mood balance, and supporting the healing process. It is an incredibly effective way to provide people with the natural benefits that come from the chemicals inside Cannabis plants, without many downsides and negative aspects. 

CBDa is produced and created, making it much more healthy for the body in various ways, and is often produced in a much less harsh and overly manufactured way. Many regular CBD products contain extremely treated and processed CBD, leaving harmful residues and effects on the human body. 

CBDa, on the other hand, is produced in a way that capitalizes on the natural and wholesome aspects of CBD. 

How is CBDa Made?

Cannabis plants actually only contain CBDa if they are in their natural state. CBD is produced by adding heat and other processes to the CBDa, producing CBD. But when a plant is consumed on its own, it only has CBDa inside of it, making it a lot more natural than consuming regular CBD. 

Often, CBDa is consumed in the form of juicing raw Cannabis. This process in and of itself is much more natural and straightforward and doesn’t require a whole host of functions like regular CBD does. 

The major difference in the production of CBD and CBDa is that CBD requires heat to cause chemical reactions inside of the CBDa to produce those specific chemical compounds. CBDa, on the other hand, is naturally stored inside of the Cannabis plant and can technically be consumed exactly as it is already. 

Generally, when CBDa is produced, there has to be some work done to make sure that it doesn’t turn into CBD, including working on environment maintenance, heat stability, and a few other simple things. However, since that research has been done, CBDa products are now much more stable and can be consumed by the public. 

Is CBDa Stronger Than CBD?

CBD works by attaching to different receptors in the human brain and mimicking natural chemicals that stimulate and regulate emotions and physical responses. That’s why CBD is so helpful with problems like ongoing tension and discomfort. 

These are all feelings and emotions that can be triggered by a lack of these chemicals in our brains, and CBD helps to fill in the blanks and replace chemicals that are lacking. These receptors allow people to function properly and can help make life much easier and more stable. 

CBDa works similarly to CBD. However, it works with different receptors and in different ways. 

According to recent studies, CBDa has been shown to be much more effective when dealing with problems like redness and swelling. It calms down these areas of the brain and makes it much easier to function in traditional ways.

While there are a lot of fundamental differences between CBD and CBDa, there are also plenty of similarities in functions. CBDa has a lot of research that is yet to be done, and further research may show that CBDa is more potent and effective than CBD, at least in a few specific areas. 

How Nesas Hemp Is Different

Nesas Hemp was founded with one goal in mind: find the best CBD in the world, and get it to the people that need it most. While there are hundreds of CBD-based products available on the market, the reality is that many of them are low quality and produced in a way that takes away a lot of CBD’s natural benefits. Our founder saw that and decided to make it possible for anyone who needs truly incredible CBD to get it and reap its benefits. 

Nesas Hemp is one of the safest and most effective sources of CBDa in the world. While very few companies are even offering CBDa, Nesas makes sure that people can get their hands on it and start feeling all of the benefits of its naturally incredible effects. 

Nesas Hemp has taken the standard for the industry of CBD and pushed its way up, making sure that every bit of CBD that people get is of the highest quality. 

We are here to help people get back to living the way that they want to. Your best days are ahead, and Nesas Hemp is here to make sure they’re as good as possible. 

Start living a life that is truly balanced and fulfilling tomorrow! 


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