what is hemp

What is Hemp?

What is Hemp?

Learn important information regarding hemp, its history, and how its current regulations and applications may affect us today.

  • About Hemp

Hemp, alongside its well-known counterpart, marijuana, are both derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant species. Although they are descendants of the Cannabis Sativa plant, they each have a unique genetic composition and associated applications. 

Marijuana is a recreational or medicinal drug that has a relatively high concentration of THC, a psychoactive component that provides users with a euphoric sensation. However, it has a lower concentration of cannabidiol, CBD, a natural therapeutic chemical found in the plant. 

In contrast, hemp has a higher concentration of CBD and a lower concentration of THC. Because of this, hemp in the past has had more industrial applications. But with recent legislative changes and the discovery of the endocannabinoid system, hemp applications have expanded beyond industrial and commercial consumption.

  • Hemp History

The applications of hemp date back centuries. In ancient times, it was used to make pottery and jewelry for early civilizations. Even in North America, hemp was farmed during its founding years. Due to its fibrous properties, hemp became the main crop used in paper production, rope, and lamp fuels.

In fact, many of America’s founding fathers recognized hemp’s multi-purposeful benefits and became hemp advocates themselves. Even a draft of the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.

It wasn’t until the turn of the 20th century when hemp and marijuana were both heavily outlawed; their production and consumption were greatly discouraged.

  • 2018 Farm Bill

Nonetheless, in recent years federal and state legislations have loosened the laws and stigmas surrounding hemp and marijuana. And, just a couple of years ago, Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill. 

The 2018 Farm Bill permits farmers to grow hemp on domestic land. (Yet, it still may be illegal to grow in certain states.) This bill, in conjunction with hemp’s well-researched health applications, led to a surge in the farming and manufacturing of the hemp plant. Not only is hemp a newly favorable crop, but also many firms are marketing products, such as oils, butter, and supplements, that are derived from it.

  • The New Realties of Hemp Production

what is hemp

Even though hemp products are more available to consumers, it seems as if the industry has gone from one extreme to the next. What once was under strict regulation now has little to none in terms of cultivation, manufacturing, and labeling.

Essentially, there is no governance over hemp supplements or any of its products. The only mandate is for the hemp plant’s psychoactive component, THC, to have a concentration of less than 0.3%.

Apart from that, there is no government policy to enforce the quality and safety of these hemp products. Consequently, many hemp products falsify claims, ingredients, and even cultivation practices.

Consumer safety organizations assert and estimate that between 20-70% of all dietary supplements are mislabeled and do not contain what is expressed on the product’s packaging. Unbeknown to users, it is possible for hemp products to be contaminated by added medicines, pesticides, or other toxic compounds. 

Remember, the government solely allows for hemp to be grown on domestic soil. Unfortunately, the remaining responsibility for quality control falls into the hands of the manufactures. Hence, a premium is placed on capitalism and financial gain instead of the health of human lives and our environment.

  • Cultivated in Purity

With Nesas Hemp, we understand the lack of regulations regarding the hemp plant and its related products. Rather than taking advantage of the many loopholes, we choose to bring light to this issue by educating consumers. 

More importantly, we choose to counteract these unethical manufacturers’ and their immoral practices. And it starts with our hemp plant which is grown in an environment that promotes overall human and environmental health. 

Our farming methods and soils are free from pesticides, harsh fertilizers, and are untouched by man or machinery. Then, through our patented cold-pressed extraction technology, we are able to produce our pure and clean product. 

We take pride in creating a product that goes against the moral grain of habitual, deceitful agricultural methods. More so, we take pride in providing consumers with a fully honest and trustworthy hemp experience. From our soil to your soul, this is Nesas Hemp Oil extract.

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