why hemp oil should taste like hemp

Why your Hemp Oil Should Taste Like…Hemp!

What Should Your Hemp Oil Look and Taste Like?

The answer is hemp.

A lot of CBD oils you’ll find online or on store shelves will be clear or only slightly colored like olive oil, and the taste will be similar or flavored artificially. But if you think about it, shouldn’t a natural extract taste and look similar to the plant it’s been extracted from? If it doesn’t, what’s actually in your hemp extract or CBD oil? Most importantly, is it time to upgrade to something with less of the unnecessary stuff and more of the active cannabinoids and beneficial plant compounds you’re paying good money for?

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Isolates are tinctures that contain only a single, isolated cannabinoid. These highly-processed tinctures are clean and tasteless because everything that gives the extract flavor and color has been removed. Winterization (mixing in ethanol and then freezing the mixture) removes the lipids and other substances that occur naturally in hemp extract, distillation removes the other cannabinoids, and by the time it gets to you, it’s more like water than hemp, but that doesn’t mean it only has CBD in it.


CBD isolates often contain additives and artificial flavoring to make them more enjoyable to use. These additives are also used in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils. Artificial flavorings typically must pass safety testing to be approved by the FDA, but if you’re taking an isolate or a full-spectrum hemp extract because you want the purest, cleanest, and healthiest option, you have to ask yourself – do you really want artificial flavoring in your tincture?

Flavor Choices

If you do choose a tincture that contains artificial flavoring, you have to concern yourself about which one you’re going to choose. There are differences in flavor quality depending on the flavor being attempted, the ingredients used, and the type of tincture it’s used in. Generally speaking, these flavors don’t taste as good as you expect them to, so the “Chocolate-Mint” flavor you see on the label is likely to disappoint. Some flavorings include sugar, which can be a red flag for some users. But the real question is – why invest in a pure, clean, organic, and effective hemp product and then spoil it with additives?

Natural Hemp Extract

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Natural hemp extract like Nesas Hemp has a rich green coloration from the chlorophyll of the hemp plant and an earthy, herbal taste that’s slightly nutty. It’s cloudy because all of the fatty acids are still present and it offers the full full spectrum of cannabinoid compounds. Full full spectrum is what you call a tincture that includes all the naturally-occurring cannabinoids, including CBDa, without processing or burning away any of them. What you see and taste is hemp in a UV-resistant bottle.

Nothing is left out, nothing is added, and we have nothing to hide. Try Nesas Hemp to experience a cleaner, more natural, and more effective hemp extract.

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